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 At present we have some baby boys available to leave in February/March.


Due to increasing costs we regret that the price of puppies will increase to $2,500 from July 2017.

Email or call us on 07 54 246 106 for more information


Here's a video of some typical Babetal puppies January 2014 - 


 Please read the following article if you are hoping to purchase two puppies at the same time:


New life - a puppy just born


Our puppies are delivered in our ensuite


Eyes open from 10 to 14 days after birth.  Puppies are actually born in a premature state allowing for the maximum number of puppies in a litter.  To wait till they are fully developed would mean they would be too large for their mothers to deliver.



Once the eyes open puppies start to move around.  This helps build their muscle tone and so the puppy develops a more mature shape.

Puppies are examined, vaccinated and microchipped by my Vet at 6 weeks of age

At 8 - 9 weeks of age the puppies visit the Veterinary Ophthalmologist to have their eyes checked.  Special drops are put in their eyes to dilate the pupils.  Then using a split lamp and special magnifying glass the ophthalmologist is able to look inside the eye for Juvenile Cataracts or any other abnormality.  Please make note of the form on his table.  This lists the microchip number, sex and colour of all puppies as well as details such as Registration and Microchip details for both parents.


Call us on 0408 356 739 or email for more information



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