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What is a reputable breeder?

For a very clear definition of backyard breeder, puppy mill, commercial breeder, Hobby breeder, and experienced breeder, click here.  

This information is kindly provided by the author, Tina Barber and can also be found on the Shiloh Shepherd Learning Center website -

Here is an article on what the definition of  "registered breeder" and "a puppy with papers" -

For the Backyard Breeders' and Puppy Millers' Big Book of Old Excuses, click here


Grooming a tail:

Since the ban on tail docking the question often arises as to how the tail should be groomed. One must remember that the tail is an extension of the spinal column and should be groomed the same way as the back. That is stripped or clippered giving a clean line.

Alternatively some people prefer to leave a fringe on the tail. Using the same blade as for the body clip down about 1/3 of the tail both top and bottom. Clip the upper part of the tail and way down the sides a further third leaving a fringe on the lower portion and tip of the tail. Scissor the tail so the fringing curves similar to the tail of a setter.

Frequently grooming parlours do not groom the tail leaving it fluffy like a poodle's tail. This is not a very appealing look.




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